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    Hunters in PvP on PTR

    Currently I'm on PTR with my hunter, who is MM, and I seem to have alot of trouble with most classes. What do hunters that aren't BM do when people start running towards you? I try to start out max range but I can rarely shoot em dead when they get close. I even have a hard time using all my instant shots before they get close.

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    Re: Hunters in PvP on PTR

    If it's a melee class i'll use Scorpid Sting -- Chimera Shot to disarm them, or i send in my Bird pet to disarm them.
    If it's a caster class running at me, i'll silence shot.
    Wing Clip then Disengage, that usually works well too.

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    Re: Hunters in PvP on PTR

    Trap, pet, wing clip to name a few....

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    Re: Hunters in PvP on PTR

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    Re: Hunters in PvP on PTR

    I have no problems on PTR tbh. Or less actually...

    As far as it matters, I'm still #1 on killing blows every game i play. 1on1 i win from any class, S2 or S4 regardless. But then again... I'm an exceptional player tbh. Not meaning to brag or anything, but i can assure you there's a huge difference between me and a good hunter.

    The PTR feels alot like level 60 BG pre-TBC. Basicly any class can kill any other class in a matter of seconds. With retadins and mages being on top with their burst (obviously). If i can't trinket a paladin's HoJ he can drop my 13-14k hp before the stun ends. On the PTR it actually feels like resilience is ignored, so fast players are dieing.

    The trick is to spec specific for BG and adjust your playstyle a bit. While everyone can kill others in a couple of seconds, you should take talents that allow you to attack your opponent while they can't attack you:
    1. stuns
    2. silence (vs casters)
    3. range (vs melee)
    4. immunities

    I'm using THIS SPEC purely for BGs and I'm using a Ravager pet and he will STUN my target to start with.
    This build gives me a fast nuke on extended range while I'm able to prevent the opponent from hitting me (too much).

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    Re: Hunters in PvP on PTR

    lol piercing shots

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