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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    Quote Originally Posted by Realmadrid
    for ret pally ye, for holy? still easy meat...
    aye, i guess, but this thread is about retadins

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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawberry
    You are seeing so many teams with a Retribution Paladin because, at the moment, the Retribution Paladin is being hyped.


    Expect to see this trend settle down when WOTLK goes live.
    This won't happen, because many players don't play what they like, but what is good.
    I know about beta, and in this rate they will be the new 'resto druids'.

    I've seen people here stating that "resto's used to be OP and now we are the kings of PvP for once, live with it."
    And that is a silly statement, it destroys every single argument ever made against other classes being OP and projects a state of selfishness that can hardly be matched by anything! It comes down to this: 'Other classes can't be stronger then us, but we don't mind if we are OP.'

    To conclude PvP: They need some nerfing in the burst damage/stun-duration. De TS is right in that.

    And afaik in PvE (according to the fora) retridins deal massive damage there without ever going oom.
    Trust me when I say that this will be fixed, you will either be nerfed in mana or in damage.
    But doing insane damage should always have a huge mana/focus-cost, in the current state retridins are in it 'doesn't cost any mana'.
    Originally Posted by Alpha Patch Notes (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    • Look. We already gave you guys Ashbringer. Isn’t that enough?

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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    I say Hammer of Justice has a too short cooldown for a Ret Pally.

    with talents + Set bonus it should be down to 45 second or something. (Or lower the Stun to last 3-4 seconds or something, on a 20sec cooldown)

    Everything else is fine.
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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    Quote Originally Posted by obsinatee
    because unlike you virgins he probably gets some every day and getting it that often, it loses it's "zomg" appeal
    If it loses its appeal, you fail at being creative and are terribad at it.

    What I really hate is people on forums saying stuff like "well, I'm on the beta and Ret pallies are dominating, even in arena!" Proof? Screenshots? Real statistics? Comparisons of your gear and theirs? I can waltz on the boards like these and just spout off:

    Yeah, I'm in Beta. And let me tell you, hunters are overpowered in arenas. Every single bracket is full of hunters. Several hunters have even soloed my entire team. I don't mean to complain too much, but its just a tad OP, no? With all their traps and new pets and blah blah.. so on and so forth

    See how with no substantive corroboration and just pure anecdotal garbage these statements create misinformation? Just because j00 get pwned doesnt mean a class is OP. Maybe, and not trying to be mean here, you're not that great or reactive against new abilities or strategies. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no freakin Ender Wiggin.

    People just hate that Ret Pallies, the black sheep of WoW for so long, are finally coming along. I mean, I've been a pally since the beginning and its amazing the amount of hate we have gotten over the years, and a ridiculous amount of hate from other pallies in TBC. Paladin community before TBC > after TBC.

    TLDR: STFU, L2P, and be creative with the lady folk

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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    Seems I stepped on someone's toe. Though your post is kinda... stupid. Question about gear? Everyone has the same gear, lvl80 premades you know (blue PVP one item-lvl 200).

    Proof? Is class designer writting not once that both ret. paladins and unholy DKs are way too strong at the moment on beta enough proof for you? And the thing about hunters make me laugh a bit after watching a movie posted on beta forums by one of the best US hunters that actualy shows both ret. paladins (as his team's opponents) and hunters there. In it one could clearly see that even almost perfectly playing hunter is still quite gimped while ret. actualy are just too strong. Go and watch it, though be warned that there is alot of QQ in that movie, but that aside it's still a good material to judge how actualy those 2 classes can do in lvl80 arenas.

    Besides that - all your questions about proof are silly. Screenshot? I can "proof" anything with those (depending of my creativity). Real statistics... on beta? Should I laugh now, maybe...? Or just facepalm? And the thing about people hating ret. paladins made me chuckle a bit too - I actualy played most of S3 with retradin in my arena team (crossing 1850 rating in 2v2 with me as enhancement shaman - later on I crossed 2k with BM hunter), and it's the one I also play with on beta (as DK this time, though). She loves her ret. but she refuses to play as OP spec now (hence DK).

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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    As I said in another post, I've heard the OP song and dance before.

    I've heard it about Druids, Rogues, Warlocks, Warriors. Hell, every class has at one point or another been declared OP beyond belief. There were warlocks stating flat out that they didn't need Death Coil and it was too much to give them. Anyone who has PvP'ed has at one point been drained and destroyed by an SL/SL Warlock during their glory days where absolutely no one could touch them in 1v1.

    Blizzard has already stated that they're looking into retuning Unholy and Ret. I admit, I have not been able to muster the time to try out the PTR but I am looking forward to 3.0, if for no other reason then the streamlining and reworking of some of our core mechanics such as Seals and the addition of Judgements of the Wise. I am also VERY much looking forward to doing actual arenas outside of 3v3 Druid/Warr/Ret or Resto Shaman/Warr/Ret.

    I personally do not care what form that tuning will take. And there are reasons for this. The first is that the Devs seem much more active and much less arbitrary during the release of this Xpac. If they decide to do something there is generally a good reason or they explain why it fits with their vision of the game. This is probably due to my second reason for not being overly concerned: Competition. There are a number of games already out and several more on the horizon (Including Blizzard's own Diablo 3) which could potentially "steal" customers from them. Their goal, naturally, is to make the game as fun as possible for as many as possible. This is also why I am not unduly worried that Retribution will be UBER ALLES in the end would be foolish in the extreme. But if it means that Retribution is once again going to be broken down to being abysmal (I'm sorry but being inherently 30% behind "pure" DPS classes BY DESIGN is in fact horrible) then I will have no problem making the full time switch to Warhammer or possibly taking another look at AoC now that Funcom has had a chance to...actually finish the game...

    If Blizzard allows Retribution to remain this "god mode" that so many drama queens on these boards claim, then I will probably also look elsewhere. If I wanted to be OP I would have rolled a Rogue =P. Even though you make your friend sound a mite self-righteous she does have the right general idea. I don't play games to use cheat codes and if that's what Ret is turned into, then I'll happily be dropping the class and the game myself.

    The thing is...I don't think that's the reality of the game...but I suppose time will tell. And by time, I mean level 80. Not the Frenzy of Noobness that 3.0 will initiate.

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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    As I said 2 posts ago, she's frost DK (tank in PVE, but PVP-frost in arenas) on beta, not Unholy. Unholy is kinda... well... unbalanced at the moment as well. Mostly because of very good survivability against all odds. It's not that she plays the worst classes, she just like a challenge to prove she's a good player and not that her char is just plain OP. Actualy so do I, hence I PVP as enh (and at times resto) shaman (yes, it is a pain at times, even on beta - things are slightly better but still hard).

    And well, I also hope rets will be good in PVE as they are now in beta. Not OP, but good - on pair with all other DPS (as there seems to not be any visible difference betwen "pure" and hybrid DPS anymore). Though balancing can take time, even for a bit after WotLK release - it's to be expected, for all classes.

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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    No problem. I also did remove my slightly snide comment. It served no real purpose.

    Regardless though, I am looking forward to seeing if the OP cries are justified.

    Personally, I suspect that Blizzard will do as they always have: Exactly what they want. And to all those promising "doom and gloom" for the spec on the basis of some rather vague posts by GC...I think you will be sorely disappointed. After all this, I do not think Retribution will ever be "lolret" again. Which is all I really want, and I can tell so do you Tinara.

    Thanks for that at least =).

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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawberry
    You are seeing so many teams with a Retribution Paladin because, at the moment, the Retribution Paladin is being hyped.


    Expect to see this trend settle down when WOTLK goes live.

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    Re: Upcoming retribution nerfs

    So how do i propose we nerf ret? DON'T! We've earned the right to BE the OP class for 1 xpac i think....
    What the shit. Go fall in a ditch. Real pvp'ers want it to be balanced, not just a flip flop of the god classes once every 2 years.

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