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    Who else is going to miss feedback...

    I loved the days prebc when you could find strength on cloth, Inner fire gave AP and Feedback was an on-melee-hit...

    Then came the feedback nurf. I was saddened that I couldn't whack people to keep them oom. But popping it right before a mana burnoff with another priest was priceless. Or when a lock starts dot rotations on you.

    And now it's gone! And now we're stuck with having to pws haste a quick burn once in a while.

    I digress..but since I'm not on ptr..how effective is plain ole mana burn now? Since pretty much every mana class has talents that rapidly regen mana...

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    Re: Who else is going to miss feedback...

    I'd say you only mana burn when you want to prevent someone from casting a certain spell, while that person is low on mana. Or as preparation for the real intense fights where people cast every GCD.

    I tried dueling a resto shaman on beta (70, before premades). I had him oom after tons of grounding totems and earth shocks. Like 10 - 20 secs later he had 2k+ mana again :s

    So don't even bother ..

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