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    Lv. 80 Holy Arena Build

    This is what i have come up with for arenas after hitting Lv. 80.
    Questions, Comments are welcome.


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    Re: Lv. 80 Holy Arena Build

    Only a couple things I found wrong with it.

    - Enlightened Judgements. For two talent points, this talent will help greatly for catching runners, especially things like Resto Druids. Take two points from Holy Guidance and put them here.

    - Blessed Hands This can give you a fair mobility boost when fighting dispell classes. I'd take it over Imp Wisdom.

    - Improved Hammer of Justice. The survivability gained from this talent far out weighs Imp Devotion. Definately get it if you are that far into Prot.

    Any other changes would require a Shockadin spec.

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    Re: Lv. 80 Holy Arena Build

    In my opinion: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?pala...00000000000000

    As well as the changes said above, pure of heart = 5 second curse of tongues which is amazing, five points in toughness > improved righteous fury, for the movement impairing effects time reduction, as well as the additional armor. Sacred cleansing will also be nice for rogues, mages, etc. If you were to cleanse winter's chill until you gain the debuff, a resisted frost nova or frostbolt is kind of a big deal, or resisting rogue poisons like crazy. The points out of holy guidance are negligent in my opinion.

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    Re: Lv. 80 Holy Arena Build

    Lol, I totally forgot to talk about Toughness.

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    Re: Lv. 80 Holy Arena Build

    Quote Originally Posted by masticore1984
    This is what i have come up with for arenas after hitting Lv. 80.
    Questions, Comments are welcome.

    tbh this specc blows.. u missed all the important talentpoints for good pvp.

    Blessed hands and Pure of heart is much better then grabbing 15% more int, u wont need more mana with Mana plea.

    Holy guidence is shit as well.. Judgment of the pure is much better as well at its getting buffed up to 15% cast speed.

    You will also need Enlightened Judgment so u can easly catch a druid on the run.

    I think a good pvp specc would look more like this:


    Might still need a few tweeks but still ...

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    Re: Lv. 80 Holy Arena Build


    You need Blessed Hands for dispel resist.

    Imp Hammer of Justice, especially for 2s, helps us in that we don't have much CC, and it cuts cooldown in half. Divine Guardian is nice but not worth two points that can be spent in Holy.

    With IoL nerf we're still as dependent on casts as we have ever been, despite IC FoL's. Judgement of the Pure is needed. Alternatively you can go 3/5 and max out Divine Intellect/Holy Guidance, which I have at 4/5 each, and a 6% haste buff would still be substantial.

    Blessed Life is fun for BGs but honestly if they're targeting you in arena they're likely doing you a favor, especially in 2s.

    Enlightened Judgements is also necessary, it stops runners and would be wonderful if let's say you needed to stop a Hunter from re-summoning a pet, or someone that's drinking in LOS but out of range.

    Just my two cents. I'm not the best arena player, mainly play 2s and hover in the 1700s, but anyways my two cents.

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    Re: Lv. 80 Holy Arena Build

    Another thing to mention with Enlightened Judgements is the increase in hit, that's a 4% increased chance for HoJ to land, 4% increased chance for that Hammer of Wrath to land, etc etc... it's needed.

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