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    Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    I was recently asked to roll the guilds Death Knight when WOTLK comes around, and having applied to Beta but not getting a key I have no idea how to specc, what rotation to use or anything. Any tips?

    I just want to know The best talent build for Pve DPS, a good rotation things like this.

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    It's called "Search"

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    the blood rotation has been noted as the easiest. put up your desieses and hit heart strike, death strike for the death runes and some more heart strikes. of course keep up with plague strike and icy touch so you arent buffin your heart strike. a ghoul and some other spells of your choice if its not your exact cup of tea but tahts pretty much it for blood dps. and if you have frenzy place it on you, with the passive healz you ahve the 1% will seem like nothing.

    now Unholy has been taking some nerfs in the last patches (no shadow dmg in black ice, nerf of SS) but it is good because it gives survivability in those akward raid encounters, with bone armor, magic shield. but it is good becuase it gives 4 desieses and SS still hits alot plus with pest. and corps explosion and stuff, AoE is your game.

    i cant really say anything about frost dps because im maining a frost DK as tank and my duel dps spec will be probably unholy for PvP.
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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    As the expansion is not out, everything on here is speculative. im not in beta but from what i hear unholy currently deals out the most dps, granted you know how to effectively play that spec. Blizzard said they dont want a clear cut best but they want you to spec with the style you like best, hopefully this holds true as i hate min/maxxing and always have. Also from what ive seen blood is more of a single target spec, unholy has more aoe, and frost does more burst dmg and imo the best suited for tanking.

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    Unholy does digusting AOE DPS and gives a debuff that helps other DKs and a 13% spelldamage debuff that helps casters.

    Frost does disgusting AOE damage.

    Blood does decent single target damage and adds a bunch of buffs/debuffs.
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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    Well from a pve perspective i would be looking at blood because it utilises single target dps which will be most important for bosses, but could take some points into unholy or frost for extra disease dmg, or nifty other talents.

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    yeah Blood is your best bet, Unholy is getting nerfed heavily, even then its DPS lies in AoE, whereas blood is pretty much how DPS works, single target

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    Any specc suggestions. I was thinking maybe something like


    But that's without deep considerationa nd no experience whatsoever playing a death knight

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK


    I'd go with this. Bloodworms is not that useful when not soloing, Icy touch does too little damage to warrant 10% increase for 2 talent points. Sudden Doom is awesome and there is no reason not to take it, Dancing Rune Weapon does respectable damage, and again there is no reason not to take it.
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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    Is blood Rune REALLY worth it? in a full solid pve specc? it seems that you're already gaining so much health through blood aura and other abilities

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    It was just for allowing me to have enough points. Otherwise I would have had to spend it in bloodworms (their UI is till kinda bad, and they tend to attack whatever they like), or somewhere else. Emergency heal is always good to have.
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Blue Tracker)

    Ghostcrawler: Death knights are the only current Hero class, which means they are supposed to be the best class in the game.

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    yea that's true, does the blood rune share a cooldown with any thing else though? Pots? Other runes anything like that?

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    The spec with the highest dps might (and probably will) change before launch of the expansion so don't get your brain set on any one spec right now.

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    I am a good DK, frost specced, i agree with u guys, blood is easiest. It is very hard to be a good frost dps. for example a dk with full 219 item lv gear blood specced makes better boss dps than a 219 item lv frost dk, but a 245 item lv full equipped dk with frost spec makes better boss dmg than a blood dk. So it is all about how good gear you have.
    someone mention that it changed before the next expansion and it certainly do, before the argent patch unholy was clearly the best pvp spec, now it is frost because of some dramatic changes in the unholy system. I think blood will end up as a great pvp spec, cuz it have movent in the pvp direction all the time, i also think unholy will change a lot cuz right now it suck at pvp and pve and tanking and everything else. Its a useless spec atm, frost gonna stay as the tank spec, actually i think it will loose some of it dps abbilyties and get some more tanking stuff.
    I await a big dk change in either icecrown patch or the one after that.

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    Nice necro bump.

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    Check the dates on the posts, Erorkh dug this thread up. Please dont post in this thread.
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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    Wow, really dragging this one up from the depths aren'tcha?

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    Re: Best PvE DPS for DK in WOTLK

    there is no best dps spec really atm

    unholy is popular with the world's best dks because they have 4/5 t9 and it lets both of them crit. In addition on 25 ToGC there are 2 encounters that can be mad easier with the sustained aoe dps that unholy is better at. Singletarget dps is lower than the others though. This spec has very nice raid buffs with 13% magic damage that can be applied aoe.

    frost dw is used by many dks atm and has very nice single target dps plus aoe burst and the aoe rotation is fairly high but still lower than unholy's. It requires 2 slow 1 handed weapons (2.5-2.7 speed). This is very RNG based rotation because KM+Rime procs help your dps alot and with less of them you have less dps. This spec provides a 20% melee haste buff that ,while not taken in bis builds, is still available. The RNG can make it higher than the others on single target dps.

    blood is popular because it sports high dps that has very little RNG likc frost and is a fairly easy rotation which is only slightly harder than the unholy single target dps. It's aoe dps is lacking behind the others but is still capable. Cleave is potent in this spec and it brings a 10% attack power buff to the raid that is nearly always up. (lags in combat excluded(between mimiron phases lul)). Lack of RNG can make blood better than dw frost

    as a final word

    The 3 dks in ensidia one of the top guilds in the world were specs as 2 blood and 1 dw frost. When 3.2 hit and they needed the aoe dps for aunb and such they switched to unholy.

    This is how it is. These are the facts but if you want a simpler thing and didn't read

    single target dps

    Unholy< Blood<= DW frost

    aoe dps

    Blood<dw frost< unholy

    it's a trade off but you can pick

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