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    Quest Helper?

    There was a quest helper (kinda lvling guide) addon for TBC at mmo-champion, i read it once before but cant remember the name, can someone give the name and/or link to download pls
    It was tracking your quests sending u to quest giver with coordinates and telling the coordinates of mobs or items to kill and loot

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    Re: Quest Helper

    You even know the name 'Quest Helper'.

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    Re: Quest Helper?

    already tried that, couldnt find mine

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    Re: Quest Helper?

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    Re: Quest Helper?

    Thats it thx alot,u saves my time both in rl and wow

    And i can advise everyone that addon, it really helps

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    Re: Quest Helper?

    You mentioned 'Quest Helper' It's the same AddOn with a huge quest database and stuff.

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