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    Pally Gear for non hi end raiders

    Ok I come from a very laid back casual guild. Wouldnt have it any other way. I can take the BT, SSC's etc and see them on my Priest/Lock/Hunter from pugs and otehr guilds I have friends in.

    However I use my Paladin for my guild and we at most do Kara and poke our nose in ZA.

    Im wondering do I need to start grabbing "Warrior" gear from some of the higher instances/badges etc?

    And if so what type +Stam with +hit added in? I know I dont want "all" Warrior gear but are there some choice pieces that will help me in the first dungeon in WotLK?

    Thanks all.
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    Re: Pally Gear for non hi end raiders

    Well, almost all of your gear will be replaced in the first few Northrend quests if it isn't good enough for the first instance.

    In Kara, there really isn't any pallytank gear. It's kinnda sad.

    For the X-pack Paladins want to focus on Stamina instead of Spellpower, so Warrior Tank gear really isn't that bad.

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    Re: Pally Gear for non hi end raiders

    Also something to note is that the gear you currently have (unless its really obscure) will likely be re-itemised with stats more relevant to your tanking. The exception to this being shields and anything such as rings, trinkets, neck pieces which may be considered "caster"

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