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    Blacksmith lvling

    Hello fellows!

    The question is, do u need to do the mithril order questchain? simple as that is my question. is it needed for swordsmith/armorsmith? or needed for some new items to skill with?

    Thanks for ur time and post serious.

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    Re: Blacksmith lvling

    I leveled hammersmith for stormherald, and never done this quest.

    So i checked wowhead, and this quest gives you the quest Expert Blacksmith! NOT the skill expert blacksmithing.

    The only reason i could see was for the trinket that summons the Hammer of Expertise. A lvl 40 1 handed epic mace, 2.1 speed and 36.9 dps. Although, it's a summoned item lasting 1 hour, with a 3 hour cooldown.

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