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    Merceliss Gladiator Fist Weapons

    Would the main hand and off hand fist weapons be ok to use since lava lash is coming out?

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    Re: Merceliss Gladiator Fist Weapons

    I got spare honor so i'm gonna try it out, from what I can understand the differences between the weapon speed of the off-hand is minor so it becomes a matter of preference.

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    Re: Merceliss Gladiator Fist Weapons

    Never ever even try to use fast off-hand - just no. It was said 1 milion times on this forum already...

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    Re: Merceliss Gladiator Fist Weapons

    For PVP - no. Still go with the slow weapons. You'll want the burst.

    For PvE, flametongue scales better with faster weapons, but you'll be sacrificing damage from lava lash

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    Re: Merceliss Gladiator Fist Weapons

    Where you may be correct in the fact that the slower weapons are better overall, personally I don't (nor do most people on here for that matter) care what you do and do not like.

    Answer the questions. Don't try to justify something from what you do or do not like.

    Just makes you more trollish.

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    Re: Merceliss Gladiator Fist Weapons

    What others said, you lose Lava Lash damage. I'd still stick with a 2.6.

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