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    Priest Racials

    so the other day they said about they r revamping the priest racial like DP what excaptly r they revamping? r they figureing out what racialy to make priest wide? r they going to remove some?

    they kinda started this when they changed fearward, which was nice for horde, r they going to give all horde chars DP and all alli star..whatever it is that the nightelves get? cause i could see DP but not really the star move.

    what are your ideas on what they should do? and pls give a reason if u can
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    Re: Priest Racials

    Google "wotlk new priest racials" and click the first hit.

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    Re: Priest Racials

    Feedback, Starshards, Consume Magic, Elune's Grace, Hex of Weakness, Shadowguard, and Touch of Weakness.

    All of above are Removed from the game.

    "Devouring Plague and Symbol of Hope are now base abilities." = All priests has it.

    And last is that Desperate Prayer becomes a talent.

    Some changes have been made to the spells that are still in the game read them up on mmo's skill list.

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    Re: Priest Racials

    Also, Holy Nova, having been replaced in the holy tree by Desperate Prayer, is now a baseline spell that all priests get (without needed to talent into it).

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    Re: Priest Racials

    I was just wondering about Fear Ward but then I remembered that it became avaliable for every priest and not only Draeneis and... Dwarves was it?

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