Yeah this something that's been troubling me for some time now.

Is Chimera shot (and consequently 5 more points in MM) worth grabbing at the cost of Scatter shot?

When I say grabbing Chimera I mean using this spec:

I refuse to put all 5 points into Marked for death. I believe those other 3 are best used elsewhere. Also, I grabbed Rapid recoup because it'll be needed to use in conjunction with chimera, just because that shot is Bloody expensive on mana. I'm probably going to macro tie rapid fire to either Chimera or Aimed shot. >.> Also I took barrage and imp barrage because (high crit chance) AE damage is still a good thing in BGs and for Multi shoting a CC'd player (even though that isn't supposed to be possible).


Using a spec with Scatter:

Which I still think looks more solid than with Chimera... Oh, Also I'm a Troll Hunter, so surefooted is taking into consideration the racial +15%

EDIT: I kind of implied it, but it's best to explicitly add this: It's meant for arena, world, and BG PvP

EDIT2: Also the first spec brings about a question about Marked for Death.
Does the secondary bonus (2/4/6/8/10% bonus crit damage) apply only to marked targets or is it applied across the board?