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    what are the best kind of shamans to use in instances elemental or enhan?

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    Re: instances?

    Doesn't really matter in the long run. If you are anal and want to be exactly the niche the group needs, then figure it like this:

    If the group is predominantly melee, go enhancement.
    If the group is predominantly casters, go elemental.

    Seeing as how (generally) the most needed classes for instances are healers/tanks, you can also go resto to get into a decent amount of PUGs.

    Either way, you've got totems to benefit your group no matter the spec.

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    Re: instances?

    thats true i was just wondering cause im at the lv where the instances are a bit harder im lv 36 and i have been wanting to run zf near Gazgad or whatever tht name is

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    Re: instances?

    No offense, but just worry about getting to 70. Dungeons are nice, but at this point in the game, VERY few people want to go back and do old world dungeons. Getting to 70 and prepping for wotlk is the best step you can do right now.

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    Re: instances?

    thats true to but see i get my friend who is a 70 rouge to run them with me so i can lv easier

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    Re: instances?

    Quote Originally Posted by Denaka
    thats true to but see i get my friend who is a 70 rouge to run them with me so i can lv easier
    A new player, huh? Well, the thing that some high-level runs you through instances is called "boosting" ie. he boosts you in that-and-that instance. And well, if he boosts you then you don't need to worry about what spec you are, obviously. Oh, and one thing; just let him handle the killing and you stay far enough behind so the mobs don't attack you. You still get experience for the kills even if you don't do anything at all.

    As for the "best" spec; there is none. Healers are always needed (resto), but you'll just get flamed if you can't handle healer role well.
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