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    Tailoring Speciality in Lich King

    I havent kept myself much updated on the professions update for wolk. But since all spell damage gets converted to spell power, any1 has any idea what will happen to frozen shadoweave set spellfire set, mooncloth set? what about tailoring speciality? Any idea?

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    Re: Tailoring Speciality in Lich King

    from what I remember from the beta server,

    (using the BC names because I don't remember the ones from wrath)

    Shadoweave: power and crit/ stam and int
    Spellfire: power and crit / stam int and spirit
    Mooncloth: power and MP5 / stam int and spirit

    I could be totally off base tho.

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    Re: Tailoring Speciality in Lich King

    Humm, sounds good enough to me, if its made that way. Hope they get something for tailoring specialty with it on it.

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