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    Pain and Suffering 2/3

    Will 2 of 3 Point be enough @Hit cap to be sure that SW:P is always on the Mob?

    I recently was with a premade Priest (no hit on Items = 6% Hit from 17 % cap) and this didnt work out well.

    I cant test it with HitCap so evtl. another Priest can or already did it

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    Re: Pain and Suffering 2/3

    Ya that will probly work but i`m sure there`s going to be at least 1 fight in which you have to run like hell and constand dps will be difficult so i`m still going with 3/3 ... . 1 xtra talent isn`t a big deal but having to cast sw again can be really annoying mana-wise

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    Re: Pain and Suffering 2/3

    Quote Originally Posted by Eloro
    With 2/3 you have a 66% chance to refresh it every time, assuming you cast 4 mind flays in 18 seconds you have a (0.33^4)*100 = 1.19% chance of not refreshing SWP.
    For those of us with 2 pieces of t6(or more) the chance of not reapplying sw: p is even smaller.

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    Re: Pain and Suffering 2/3

    I think im also going to be sure and put 3/3 into this Talent.

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