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    best lock lvling spec

    What would the best leveling spec be for a warlock, Demonology or Affliction. And post some different talent possibilities for me if you can. Thanks for the help. ;D

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    Re: best lock lvling spec

    The link i posted above is to the warlocks den, there you can find the answer to any and every question you could ever concieve about locks.

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    Re: best lock lvling spec

    My leveling spec/raiding for demo:


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    Re: best lock lvling spec

    I'm just gonna level with destro and 2-3 shot everything

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    Re: best lock lvling spec

    Well, it depends on your gear. If you are in Tier 5 or higher, I would definately go demo/destro. If you are in T4 or below, you probably don't have the crit to pull off a destro build. In that case, I would go demo/afflic. Something like this;

    Basically I would go this way for the imp drain soul. Makes it easy to keep your mana pool going while you're moving around, and you wouldn't have to stop and drink. I don't think metamorph is going to be that great in leveling, but I could be wrong. If that's the case, then you can get it rather than the 2nd imp DS, or get it at the next talent point.

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    Re: best lock lvling spec

    I'm sticking with Destruction on my main. But Affliction is definately a lot easier. (I'm not a big fan of making myself more dependant on my pet, so I'm not considering Demo.)

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    Re: best lock lvling spec

    im going to go with


    ill admit im very dubious about the new Demon form, but i dont like to knock somthing before i try it, so ill give it a shot, if it was not for that i would just put in enough to get my felguard then throw all those extra points into aff

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    Re: best lock lvling spec


    Go to that.
    Very informative.
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    Re: best lock lvling spec

    ALLROUND Leveling would be Demo ~ Affli > Destro, i think.
    But at the start of WOTLK there is Destro the best i think, cause you have to think about ALL the people there.

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    Re: best lock lvling spec

    always loved lvling as affliction - dot up 5 - 6 targets, aoe fear, loot, dark pact or life tap your imp and repeat. this will be the affl pve lvling spec for me http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?talent=IrxzrurhkVqR0stZVMh
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