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    Between now and wrath

    So I was wondering I just hit 70 on my ench shaman and I have maxxed skinning/LW and I was wondering what to do in between now and wrath, I was thinking about maxxing my honor and getting all the marks I can but I dont know and I am working on epic flyer now do dailys every day.

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    Re: Between now and wrath

    You answered your own question...several times.

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    Re: Between now and wrath

    As for your topic: Grind some rep, money, mats, badges, whatever...
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    Re: Between now and wrath

    Sounds like you don't raid or anything like that, so what you could look at that would be shiny and new and may keep your interest is the new Achievement system.

    When you look at your achievements window there will be lots and lots of categories there. Have a look at a few and see what you could do to complete the achievement. If nothing else it gives you something different to try and specific goals to complete.
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    Re: Between now and wrath

    you might want to get the 2 s2 weapons, those will make leveling/questing alot easier - other than that getting a fast flight mount is also a good idea

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    Re: Between now and wrath

    Achievements + Honor capping + s2/badge weapons + Epic Flier grinding = win.

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