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    Need help Fighiting Death Knights....

    I was playing my enh shaman on the beta and im doing very well against most of the classses...(playing with a holy pally) the only class that gives me trouble is Death Knights. No matter how hard i try i cant beat one. Anyone have any tips and strategies fighting this new class?

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    Re: Need help Fighiting Death Knights....

    With your current team...

    All you really have going for you is Blessing of Freedom, Blessing of Protection, your purges, and of course (the obvious one) totems. Against DKs, if they're owning the hell out of you all I could really suggest would be to spam the disease cleansing totem....but with the limited mana pool, probably wouldn't work out too well in your favor. Most of the time you run into unholy DKs arenaside, you take away their diseases, you take away their damage.

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