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    Ingame Calendar

    * The in-game Calendar used to schedule raids or events between your friends and guildmate will be available by typing /calendar

    Quote from patchnotes

    Does that mean that you can also share events with people outside the guild? Like with addons like GEM or GC? Cause that would really be cool, but i couldnt find an option alike on the testserver. ??? ???

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    Re: Ingame Calendar

    A guide to how it all works:

    <edit> I should add that I've not got around to testing it properly myself, so can't answer your questions directly. Hopefully you'll find what you're looking for in that post.

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    Re: Ingame Calendar

    Hello, thank you for your quick answer. Good read, so i will have to see how it works ingame. We are a raidcoom consiting of several guilds, and we hope this will work well.

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