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    Level 70 PvP Spec - 3.0.2

    Sorry for creating a new thread on this, but all the spec threads recently seem to be concentrating on Level 80.

    I want to have a good laugh in the 4 weeks up to the release of Wrath, play BG's and Arena. Perhaps collect some points to buy some S4 for levelling in I guess, not sure really but just want to enjoy the Paladin again.

    Here's my char: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...3%A9m%C3%A9egg

    And here's the spec I've been thinking of: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?pala...00000000000000

    Please post any critique or what-not, I'm hoping that I've got most of what I'll need. I know the reduced HoJ would be great, but can't see a sensible way of getting down that far at 70.

    Also, can we use glyphs in 3.0.2? If so what glyphs will people be using for PvP?

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    Re: Level 70 PvP Spec - 3.0.2

    u only have 61 talent points and ur link spent 71 talent points
    try again

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    Re: Level 70 PvP Spec - 3.0.2

    You linked a lvl 80 spec

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    Re: Level 70 PvP Spec - 3.0.2

    Would this spec be good @ 70?
    Any ideas to improve would be nice

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    Re: Level 70 PvP Spec - 3.0.2


    This is the 70 PvP spec i'll most likely go with today. I'm considering taking 2 points out of Righteous Vengeance and putting them in Guardian's Favor, and possibly 2 more out and putting them into Heart of the Crusader. Righteous Vengeance is very lackluster right now for a tier 10 talent. Imp Ret Aura looks very nice for Rogues, but we don't have much problem with Rogues atm anyway.
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    Re: Level 70 PvP Spec - 3.0.2

    I would suggest this one for level 70.

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    Re: Level 70 PvP Spec - 3.0.2



    Guardians Favor isn't optional as a pvp paladin.

    Sheath of Light is DEFINITELY not optional. Art of War + Sheath of Light = self-healing paladin.

    I prefer benediction over parry b/c benediction + JotW means I will not have to worry about mana.

    I put only 2 points into vengeance b/c I saw it mentioned somewhere that it was getting dropped down to 3% 2 stacks. If that isn't true I'll take my point of out 2-handed weapon spec and drop it into vengeance.

    Which brings me to 2-handed weapon spec. As far as I know it only affects white hits and CS. Since it doesn't affect judgements or DS I skipped it in favor of RV. RV is amazing and shouldn't be discounted. If you don't believe me, try stunning someone, judging, then smashing DS. gg lol.

    I think this is a very solid 4-week spec. Once you hit 80 put 5 more in toughness, 3 in imp HoJ, and the last 2 I would put in Divine Guardian, but feel free to spend elsewhere

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    Re: Level 70 PvP Spec - 3.0.2

    Sorry >.<

    Copied the link from my address bar rather than the top of the page. Noob error.


    Was what I had in mind.

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