Thread: Grid for 3.0?

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    Grid for 3.0?

    I've looked around and havn't really found much info, just that Grid2 is/has been worked on. Anyone have any solid info regarding whether it will be available within the next 24hours? I, along with I'm sure many healers, rely pretty heavily on this addon and really don't want to have to use some crappy frames like x-perl until this is updated :-\

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    Re: Grid for 3.0?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadovv
    really don't want to have to use some crappy frames like x-perl until this is updated :-\
    Really? I have always found grid way too abbreviated and not detailed enough for me while XPerl/Pitbull lets me do what i want. Either way, I know we're not raiding post 3.0 until WOTLK..

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    Re: Grid for 3.0?

    I was using the grid live version on test realms a few weeks ago and it worked perfectly fine... So I assume or atleast hope its still the case as grid is how I heal also

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    Re: Grid for 3.0?

    The original grid works absolutely fine on the beta, I've been using it this morning in fact, in conjunction with clique for my healing. So no need to worry about that at all.

    As for Grid2, still pretty much in development as we speak:

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    Re: Grid for 3.0?

    I tried using grid last night about three times and all three times I got an error. A lot of people including the people in my guild can't seem to get a working version of grid going. I guess I'm going to have to try again tonight to get it working before raid time. From what I've seen on all the addon sites it doesn't look like any version of grid has been updated for 3.0.2 .

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    Re: Grid for 3.0?

    I'm personally using Rev 79901 from the wowace site, but i haven't upgraded it in quite a while to be honest. Here's my toc file:

    ## Interface: 20400
    ## Title: Grid |cff7fff7f -Ace2-|r
    ## Notes: A modular, lightweight and screen-estate saving grid of party/raid unit frames
    ## Author: Pastamancer & Maia
    ## Version: $Rev: 79901 $
    ## X-ReleaseDate: "$Date: 2008-08-06 20:26:20 -0400 (Wed, 06 Aug 2008) $"
    ## X-Website:
    ## X-Category: UnitFrame
    ## X-AceForum: 2525
    ## X-RelSite-WoWI: 5747
    ## X-RelSite-Curse: 9503
    Which matches the older files here:

    There's a couple of slightly newer versions there that you might want to give a go, but nothing officially compatible with 3.0 as far as I know.

    Look under "Files" on that page for older versions to try too.

    <edit> Done some poking around and experimenting with versions on the beta. The best one to use, and mostly bug-free from what I can tell is Rev 79901.16, which you can download here:

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