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    PvE 70->80 leveling spec

    I'm definently thinking of going some sort of Felguard spec, cuz that shit was mad from 50-70, but i'm having second thoughts.

    Is it worth going Felguard if you have decent gear(like 4 piece+ t6 or full s3/s4)? Or should we just go destro or some sort of SL/SL that is more dependent on our awesome gear?

    Plz post opinion and any spec lineups one may have for a 1300+ SD lock(lvl70)

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    Re: PvE 70->80 leveling spec

    heh, actually i solved my own problem looking at http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=16919.0
    I'm sold on that one, its Felguard and it is decently dependent on gear. Nice video too.

    Keep the opinions coming tho, I wanna see if someone disagrees

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