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    its a bird it's a plane its

    Super Imp!

    Anyone in beta able to tell me how much DPS the little bugger could pump out with the below build?


    Or maybe a non beta guestimate? Im crappy with numbers =/

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    Re: its a bird it's a plane its

    I don't have any exact numbers but without unholy power my imp did about 150-200dps without mana support.

    so it's 150-200 x20%

    having Replenishment buff and judgement of wisdom on the mob the imp hardly loses mana, a shamans totem should keep him at 100% mana all the time. so he will do about 50-100 dps more but it's just a guess concerning the dps increase due to infinite mana.

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    Re: its a bird it's a plane its


    This would be mine for 70 or something like that, when I will try destruction.

    Dunno for what, cuz I think Affliction or Demo will be better, but I'll try it. Maybe in WotLK Destruction PvP will be a opinion. Fireboltrailgun aka. Imp is shootin from the nowhere with 300-400 DPS! F%#K YEA!

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