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    I was able to log in during the crap time when servers was going up and down.
    I think it was bugged. I logged back in this morning and back to AP.
    Sorry about any confusion

    Everything in the pass said T6 and brutal gear was changing Str to AP.
    Well it seem that not the case.
    My T6 gear is changed to +hit.
    My brutal gear all seemed to change to Crit now.

    I'm not complaining because we need +hit now, it just I don't need the lionseye any more.
    Not sure if crit is the way I would have went with the brutal gear. I think aglity would have been better, but crit is still damn good.

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    Re: Tiered gear change is not Str to AP

    Proof of this is where? On the beta my gear was simply changed from str to ap.
    Actually, Mr. Lennon, I CAN imagine a world with no hatred, religion, war, or violence.
    I can also imagine attacking such a world, because they would never see it coming.

    For once, Carville was a man ahead of his time.

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