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    Paladin Leveling Spec 1-70?

    Did they destroy the prot tree's ability to aoe grind? So is retribution the only choice for leveling now?

    Damn, I just hit 30 and was looking forward to trying out some aoe grinding.

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    Re: Paladin Leveling Spec 1-70?

    Seriously, after you can get Judgements of the Wise, there is absolutely no reason to level as Prot. Anyway, if you get Blessing of Sanctuary then AoE grinding isn't all that bad, especially since they changed spell pushback mechanics, making healing as Prot and Ret easier.

    Level as Ret in my opinion.

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    Re: Paladin Leveling Spec 1-70?

    Even before the changes, when we were still in TBC period, ret was a really good spec to level up.

    definitely ret. lol

    I am not that good I know...

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    Re: Paladin Leveling Spec 1-70?

    I did lvl my pally as prot.
    As far as my experience go it go almost as fast as kill as prot compair to ret on single target but on multi prot beat ret any day a week.
    I also noticed i had to drink alot as retri compair to prot.

    Another aspect is its way easier to find a group for instances when you lvl
    Dashivas prot warrior
    Avidha Prot paladin
    Daghain feral druid (tank)
    Soultheifs Frost DK (tank)
    Draghkar hunter
    Shayol Holy preist
    Shivaa resto shaman

    All located on Vek'nilash

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    Re: Paladin Leveling Spec 1-70?

    Indeed, when you get judgements of the wise talent in the ret tree you won't be running out of mana. That's what makes ret so easy to level up; absolutely no down time.

    On the other hand, prot paladins now get significantly better when they have enough avoidance stats (dodge, parry, block). At 70 with full tanking gear they can easily pull large groups of mobs and aoe them all down without running out of mana. This is thanks to the BoSanc buff giving back mana every time you dodge, parry or block. But this also means that prot at lower levels will run out of mana quite easily.

    All in all, level as ret, spec to whatever you like best at 70.
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    Re: Paladin Leveling Spec 1-70?

    Borrowing this thread.
    My pala is 62 could someone please help out with a nice ret lvling spec for these last lvls to 70 please?

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    Re: Paladin Leveling Spec 1-70?

    Offtopic for Deceptor

    Cheers, Deceptor. After you got divine storm work up the 1/5 i did into 5/5 of course then finish with divine str in prot tree and you done .

    Ret is fastest now, 1-60 questing beats aoe grinding so there's really no need for prot. Its preference of course, prot and even holy are doable now with 3.02 talents.

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