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    Quote Originally Posted by gerty
    i hate people like you ur the reaon reckoning got hot fixed STOP opening ur god damn mouths when you talk you get nerfed what prt of stf up didnt you get? ur nerfing us ...stop
    Do you really think no would would notice this happening even if no one said anything? and you're comparing doing a level 60 instance with 2 people to one shotting a raid boss. there's a bit of a difference there, don't you think?

    On topic, I really don't think it's going to be bad, even if we do get nerfed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Termiks
    Oh cmon! he actually doesnt play any ret pala. he is just some lame rogue that is crying for nerf and he is hiding behind his pala alt
    Universeman, Argent Dawn. look me up ;D

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    guys.... every class is OP right now. Why you ask? same reason every class was OP before the release of TBC, you now possess talents that are 10 levels above where you currently are. Blizz did just about ALL their balancing tests on BETA and PTRs for strictly lvl 80s. No, you wont see a big time nerf, so stop qqing. what you will see are all the classes slowly balancing out as you level.

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    I was having fun soloing Sethekk Halls on PTR... I had to stop at the room before the last boss because of all the dang mobs that fear

    But yeah! I say go 2 man all the instances you can for more XP :P Cheers!

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    i ran ramparts yesterday and with 2 ret paladins and a prot paly and a mage and holy priest the priest didnt wanted to heal so we offhealed and it went well we even pulled 9 mobs and it was pretty cool. BUT ghostcrawler already said that we are getting nerfed so yeah we are screw :'(. reason why i am going to level my 63 paladin to 70 by monday before we get nerfed .

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