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    Mods not recognized?

    I tried updating my UI for the new patch. Nothing was recognized as compatible. I downloaded Bartnder4 instead of 3 and when I check the Enable/Disable Addons tab, it wasn't even there! I than deleted my whole Addons folder but in WoW, it looked like I hadn't deleted anything!

    Is there some new folder to put mods in or something? Cause I'am very lost.

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    Re: Mods not recognized?

    No that seems strange. I did hear from a guildie that the patch actually moved some of his WoW folders around. If I were you I'd check to make sure that the World Of Warcraft folder is in the directory on your C drive.

    I was having some difficulty as well with bartender 4 last night but I just deleted all my addons and my WTF folder and reinstalled my addons. Give it a go and see if that helps.

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