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    Impressive Solo feats.

    So the consumate ease it seems Onyxia has become to solo got me thinking. What old content will be possible to solo now and at 80?

    Anyone soloed the Raptor and Tiger in ZG for the mounts or, part of MC or BWL

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    Re: Impressive Solo feats.

    I soloed all the trash up to Onyxia, but then the server shut down about 5 minutes into fighting Onyxia herself. I tried to solo Durn, but I didn't get very far. He just does way too much damage to try to heal through.
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    Re: Impressive Solo feats.

    Not that it's terrible impressive, but I was trying to figure out exactly how good protection had gotten with the patch. It seems that there are very few normal instances that a crappily geared pally can't do solo now. I tried Shattered Halls and CoTurnholde last night, and did fairly well. The only parts I had problems with were the five pulls with two casters in SH and the damn priests with Psychic Scream in Durnholde. I'll probably try Blood Furnace or Steamvaults tonight.

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