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    priest + warrior levelling

    A rl friend and I are levelling with priest and warrior together. I'm the warrior and he is the priest and we litterally do everything together. Currently we are level 63 and plan to get to 70 before wotlk and continue to 80 together to. Now before today's patch I was prot and he was shadow. Killing mobs is/was pretty easy and we never actually run into any problems. Only when we are looking for a group for an instance.

    We love doing instances. But we regularly have trouble finding a (decent) healer. That's why we thought he could perhaps respec after 3.0 into disc/holy. But the problem is neither of us actually have any experience or decent knowledge of how to spec and play good as disc/holy. That's why I decided to post here and ask for more experienced player's opinions.

    How should my friend spec to be decent in duo levelling/grinding and be able to handle himself as a healer in instances? Our strategy before was me just holding all the mobs and he nuking them down. We play that I focus on keeping the mobs on me and my friend just has to kill them (and occasionally heal me) without him worrying about getting hit (normally).

    So I was just wondering if some people could post some specs or tips for how to spec as a level 63 priest and what direction to follow after that. Suggestions on spell rotations or things like that are also usefull. Cause both of us are a little clueless atm even after doing some research.

    Btw, can a priest do any decent aoe? Or isn't this very effective? Cause with the warrior's new aoe abilities we could go that way if it is possible to be decent at that as a priest.

    Anyway, I just hope for some responses. It would be very helpfull.

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    Re: priest + warrior levelling

    you being prot should mean no chance for your healer drawing aggro.
    shadow priests (even deepest shadow) can heal most of the lower istances with ease. just dont run with poeple that screw up

    priest aoe is a bit expensive imho. and may only be cast outside of shadowform

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    Re: priest + warrior levelling

    i myself lvld as shadow priest too in tbc. i got invites to pugs alot while lvling and i kinda made healing in shadowspec, as long as i had double gear. 1 spelldmg gear, and 1 healing gear. in patch 3.0 the healing gear will get spellpower. and if im correct, spellpower will increase his healing more then spelldmg. if you want to lvl fast, then my tip is to stay shadow specced for questing. if your tank specced then the priest should be able to heal you in dungeons with the spellpower change.

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    Re: priest + warrior levelling

    You should stay deep prot. He should go deep shadow (but maybe not dispersion, instead he can grab some talents in the holy tree). He will be able to heal any progression instance with a shadow spec (really easily actualy because you're prot spec and progression instances are tuned with a non prot spec tank in mind)

    And yes shadow priest go gain an AoE ability in WotLK, but at lvl 75 :-)

    In the meantime he can just tab-SW:P on every mob

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    Re: priest + warrior levelling

    with the 3.0.2 spell power change and the drot damamage change you can heal all non70 instances as shadow in your dps gear.

    as long as you dont suck at healing (it'll take some practise) you'll be fine

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