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    MP5 while casting went down after 3.0?

    i noticed this on the PTR and when the servers went live last night that my MP5 WHILE casting went down by roughly 50%. I was around 250mp5 before the patch and now im around 120mp5 while casting. This is with the same gear. A paladin in the guild also affirmed this. Anyone else having this problem or did Blizzard do this intentionally because of the WotLK gear coming soon? And why dont i see any posts about this? *** I wear the 3 piece PMC set as well and my mp5 is still shit. I used to never have to drink in heroics...now i do

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    Re: MP5 while casting went down after 3.0?

    Without seeing your spec I'd imaging you went 51 holy to get GS, and you missed meditation.

    Also the spirit based regen model was nerfed.

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    Re: MP5 while casting went down after 3.0?

    Thanks alot, that clears up everything. I was curious because my shaman brethrens MP5 was not nerfed like mine was. Also, no, i didnt pick up med. i went 5/56/0.

    thanks again.

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