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    Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    We get glyphs now :P !!! But since we're only lvl70, we can only get 2 major glyphs and 3 minor glyphs (for now).
    Im curious, what do you all think will be the best configuration for now? Is the Glyph of SoC really that good ? > > ?

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    I grabbed the Glyph of Judgement as soon as I could; 10% judgement damage mmmm...esp with auto-crit SoC on stunned targets...

    For the moment I only have the Glyph of Justice or whatever (the one that makes your HoJ stun an extra second), I figure I'll replace it but it was all that was on the AH...

    No minor glyphs yet >.>

    As far as all 3 Majors, it would depend if you are intending the char for pvp or pve, but my Retidan is only for PvP atm so that's what I'm going with. I'm having a hard time making up my mind too, I'm thinking Glyph of Command, because that damage more often would be nice, although the Glyph of the Crusader looks oh so nice, esp if you plan to Arena and control when you execute everything. I think for now since we can only have 2 Majors I'll do with Glyph of Command once I find one on the AH, but I might think of going with Judgement, Command, and Crusader unless something else looks better. 1 sec on HoJ is nice, but I don't see it make or breaking much, and all the Hammer of Wrath ones, for range and reduced CD seem pointless to me...

    Idk, anyone else have any ideas?

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    As far as minor's go for Ret atm it's basically just Glyph of Blessing of Might and Glyph of Blessing of Wisdom are what I am using.

    For major's I am using HoJ and Judgement. I have seen alot of ret's running around in bg's and arena's without points in the judgement talents...they must have missed something...25% extra crit and 25% extra dmg? That's alot...stack on Judgment glyph and you can do some serious damage. I may replace the HoJ with a SoComm one but I'm still trying to decide to SoMartyr is better than SoComm...the insta crit Comm is nice but atm it's hard to get much in Ret and still be able to get Imp HoJ in Prot...so I might just wait for 80 to respec/re-glyph and go with a SoComm+Judgement+HoJ for major's =P

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    silly grom, theres much better talents than to waste on the ones you proscribe.

    I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn't screw to save its species

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    There are alot of really good talents for sure...and picking up the judgement bonus talents will get in the way of some of the other "PvP" style talents such as Eye for an Eye and Vindication.

    Guess it's just me but I know for sure when I hit a judgement it's got a 25% extra crit chance and it does 25% more dmg...which is nice. Vindication is the only thing I am feeling the pain on not getting. Eye for an Eye is very very nice...but for points sake I let it go to get judgements...I think either way it balances out in the long run between 25% extra judgement damage and 20% crit dmg...now if E4E "reflected" 20% of crit damage then yes obviously it's better.

    I went with this and it seems to work just fine for me so far:


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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    I nabbed Glyph of Crusader Strike - 20% more dmg to crusader strike on stunned or incapacitated targets ... yummy...
    and Glyph of Hammer of Justice for the 7 sec hoj.

    Going to possibly try out Glyph of Seal of Command

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    SoC and HoJ Glyphes for me

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    For PvE, I'd choose the Glyphs of Avenging Wrath and Judgement.

    The only other choice I see is Seal of Command, but even if it bumped the seal up to dealing the same damage as Seal of the Martyr, it still costs me a talent point which could be put towards Righteous Vengeance or something, and there will certainly be a time to two where I'll feel the Spiritual Attunement mana coming from the SoB judgements.

    The AW glyph might be a point of contention, but HoW is really our number 1 skill at 35% or less, and casting it twice as fast during the final burn-downs can really add up.

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    For PvE and at lvl 70, Glyph of Judgement is sexy. And Glyph of Crusader Strike... Good on stunable trash mobs I guess. Once at level 80 and the 3rd major is unlocked, Glyph of Seal of Command. As for minor glyphs... Glyph of Lay on Hands... All the other minor ones are kinda "meh".

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    Glyph of SoC + Judgement would be the best for now imo, got the hoj 1 atm but I'll swich em once judgement comes on ah.

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    I'll be going with Avenging Wrath and Judgement, and LoH and Sense Undead for my minors... there's not really any other Minor Glyph I'd really notice a difference with.

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    Re: Ret Paladin Glyphs !

    judgment and Crusader strike for me until they change the hammer of justice one to increase range then ill sway my crusader strike for that prolly(assuming that the stun reduction talents totally gimp my ret rogue team and they arent stunned/incapacitated half the time)

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