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    Question to Disc Priests still in Beta

    Any chance you could pass along the suggestion to have Penance not have a facing requirement for healing?

    Kinda annoying in like AV to find what way a person is in correlation to me to heal them, makes me sorta stop using Penance when they are being focus and just using Flash cause I can do it without having to worry if they're behind me and I get a "Must be facing your target" message.

    Not to mention every other heal in the game does NOT have a facing requirement, EVEN Chain Heal, so there's no reason it couldn't fire behind you.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Question to Disc Priests still in Beta

    Already commented on numerous times, I know there's a GC post somewhere on this. Looking.

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    Re: Question to Disc Priests still in Beta

    GC said it is a bug and they have fixed it in the internal built. Probably gonna get fixed in the next beta pass I guess. Cannot really comment on when they may push fixes on live though.

    And yes it is annoying as hell

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