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    Re: Bongos2 - looking for similar KEYBINDINGS

    that's not what im looking for to be honest, i'm using spellbinder atm (tried QK, but spellbinder have better interface imo), but in bongos there was option to turn on spellbook, macro, bag, turn on binding system, hover item, macro or spell in (spellbok/marco panel, bags) and just press button you want to bind. that was very handy.

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    Re: Bongos2 - looking for similar KEYBINDINGS

    The reason he renamed it to Dominos is becuase it's a complete rewrite of the system. He wanted it to use as much native UI code as possible and Bartender 3 is a completely different monster from what Dominos is now. Dominos is reminiscent of Bongos 2. The author said with Bongos 3 he added too much bloat and features that he would never use, so he wanted to go back to the basics so to speak.

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