Pre 3.0.2

689 spell dmg.
Concecration with wings, and trinkets, ticked for about 220.
SoR....not sure but was a hell of a lot higher.
1700 Healing
FoL – 1300 avg, 2.2k crit heals approx
HL – 3k odd.....about 5-6k crits I think, cant remember.

Post 3.0.2
1100 spell power (admittedly different talent build)
Concecration with wings, and trinkets, ticks for about 180
SoR.....avg hit about 680 (base about is 550 or summit) so im getting...100 extra dmg from my 1100 spell power...
But on a plus note..
FoL – 2.2k normal heals 4k crits
HL – 5k odd heals.....11.5k crit heal

This is in all the same gear, just different talents.
So blizz said that in this patch, healing would remain about the same, but hybrids will see some extra DPS..
Where I have lost DPS, and gained healing power...whoo hooo
RIP Shockadin