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    Discipline at 70 for PvP.

    Builds? Is pennance that good in PvP/arena healing?

    I am looking at http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...00000000000000

    With pennance, or something like


    without it.

    Still new to disc - so /facepalm any grand errors. I have way more talents I want that are available, Have skipped enlightenment purely because it seems the least crucial.

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    Re: Discipline at 70 for PvP.

    This is how i chose, works very nice penance owns for healing your mates, tho cannot be used on yourself, and no greater heal, also i choose spell damage reduction for the rets (lot's of them atm)


    btw find yourself a ret, i went 1950 with ret as easy as pie yesterday

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