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    UI/Macro News: Mounting Macro

    It was said in the Patchnotes, and here on MMO-Champion before that "/use Mountname" would no longer work till a next update and that "/userandom" would also not work and might have been implemented at a later date.

    Just checked on Live, -it does- work again.

    Example macro:
    /userandom [flyable] Swift Green Gryphon; Stormpike Battle Charger, Reains of the Swift Stormsaber, Swift Yellow Mechanostrider
    You can change the names into whatever mounts you use. The first part up onto the ";" are the flying mounts, separated by "," if summed up normally. After the ";" is what will be used if your macro variable "Flyable" is not met. These are also split by ","

    Hope it is useful for some of you.

    Defias Brotherhood EU

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    Re: UI/Macro News: Mounting Macro

    You should add a rank to the spells.

    Ie. Swift Green Gryphon() instead of Swift Green Gryphon

    Where () represents highest rank.

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