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    Re: Best proffesions

    Nearly all items that are in crafting professions that can be worn or ridden will stay BoE, yes even the epics and the motorbikes. Blizzard has said this already and this website has a blue post quoted somewhere on the main page stating as such.

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    Re: Best proffesions

    Id expect herbalism to be a pretty good money maker now that two professions require its labors: Inscription and Alchemy

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    Re: Best proffesions

    ebonweave set isnt as good as frostweave was, i think it wil replaced once you get into nax.

    if all crafted things are boe, focus on bind to profesion enchants
    bracers for lw
    cloak for tailor
    rings for enchanting
    glyph and shoulder for incription
    3 gems for jewelcrafting
    something in bs
    longer flasks,arena pots, and stone in alchemy

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    Re: Best proffesions

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    Had this been in Classic, and we had know about Tailoring, we would have said tailoring considering how FSW lasted all the way up to T6 chest. (Iknow alot of shadowpriests that didden't replace it before T6).
    Havnt been able to win a roll on my priest agaist all da healorz for T6 (chest or shoulders), but yeah still wearing mostly crafted goods from tailoring.

    So i am sticking to tailoring/enchanting ==> tailoring=selfimprov/enchanting=cash income
    +point for me ==> tailoring has nets... been a huge help surviving the retadin influx.
    my 2c

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    Re: Best proffesions

    Quote Originally Posted by meowmeow

    if i were you i would go enchanting and inscription, extra glyph and creating enchants to sell on ah.
    Meowmeow, I'm disappointed in you. You usually seem up on your info, but you dropped the ball on this one. They took away Scribes' extra glyph.

    On topic- I went with Tailoring and Enchanting when I first rolled my holy priest, mainly because I didn't know any better. The mooncloth set at 70 was pretty sweet but as far as money making, tailoring was rather horrible. I've seen people have been able to make pretty good money with enchanting, I've just never gotten any of the good ones. Hopefully I can do better now, being able to put them on the AH. I let RL get in the way too much and I don't have the time to farm mats and sit in IF shouting my services.

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    Re: Best proffesions

    tailoring was rather horrible.
    The tailors who ran regulare heroics with us super-hardcore-elite-players that could do heroics per. nerf , earned alot on selling epic leg enchants.

    Also, selling the cloth have been high value the entire TBC. Specially if you traded stuff around with guildmates for maximum efficiency and profit regarding the primals needed.

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    Re: Best proffesions

    Tailoring was immensely profitable. An outlet for primal nethers. Crafting fees. Speciality Shadowcloth/mooncloth every cooldown ALONE was upwards of 40g free per time.

    Every single proffesion can be profitable. Even engineering, or Blacksmithing......

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    Re: Best proffesions

    People underestimated Engineering. Besides from T5 level headpieces, you also got the ability to get 3-400% more primals / hour than everybody else.

    Mote cloud collectors = extreme profit.

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    Re: Best proffesions

    Tailoring: Back enchant that current is barely better than a regular enchant for DPS; cheap leg enchants but no bonus; flying carpet
    Enchanting: Extra 38 spell power (rings)
    Skinning: Extra 25 crit rating
    Leatherworking: Drums, extra 37 spell power (bracer enchant)
    Mining: Extra health
    Blacksmithing: Extra 38 damage from bracer and glove socket
    Engineering: Helm in between 10 and 25-man version of T7
    Jewelcrafting: 39 extra spell power from unique gems; possibly trinket (worse than 5-man stuff unless you need hit)
    Inscribing: Offhand about on par with Naxx10 stuff
    Herbalism: Marginally useful self-heal, plus an extra small trinket (200sp/10sec every minute)
    Alchemy: 59 spell power + 50 haste trinket that gives 40% more mana

    Plus Mining, JC'ing, Herb, and Alch have items that are always in demand.
    Sounds to me like the best ones are Enchanting + Jewelcrafting. Keep in mind, though, Blizz made profession-only stuff for T5, T6, and Sunwell beyond what was initially available in release, so who knows. I'm sticking with enchanting/tailoring and hoping for something more useful than cheap leg enchants.

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    Re: Best proffesions

    inscription also gives shoulders enchants, i leveled isncription on my beta char, and its BoP only i can use the shoulder enchant. didn't find anyone else that sells shoulder enchants besides the aldor/scryer vendors.

    casters shoulder enchants: 61 spell power + 6 mp5s/15 crit. i think it might be a bug that the item enchant it soulbound and i can use it onnly on my items, i reported it on the beta as a bug. since i think there aren't other shoulder enchants.

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    Re: Best proffesions

    If we are talking best professions as in gold made from them I would have to say Engineering

    Other than that its a point of prefrence i.e. if you want a shouder enchant or rings enchanted or make alot of your own gear.

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    Re: Best proffesions

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    People underestimated Engineering. Besides from T5 level headpieces, you also got the ability to get 3-400% more primals / hour than everybody else.

    Mote cloud collectors = extreme profit.
    Agreed. Not only that but engineers make 3 quest items - all of which can be sold for huge profit. For example. Mithril casing. The 3 bars for mats cost about 3-4 gold to buy. I sold one for 12g a few days ago cause I found it lying around. I used to aim for 8-9. All the quest items can be made and sold for a profit.

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    Re: Best proffesions

    I personally have Ench/Incription and am pretty happy with my choice so far. Tailoring was just plain dumb and uninteresting to me.

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