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    Different UI Bugs... HELP!

    Hey after the new patch i've experinced loads of annoying bugs.

    One of the most annoying is that i have some sort of "blind" spots on my screen. In those spots i cant delete items, i cant target ppl inside that spot etc. Its like there is something in its way. Sometimes it also buggs so i cant enter sound options in the game menu.

    The other "bug" which i think is UI related is that guild names on other ppl are flashing/missing. The last 2 letters or something are flashing all the time


    Im using the following addons:

    Deadly Boss Mods

    Hope for some solutions

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    Re: Different UI Bugs... HELP!

    Kinda found out that both problems isnt a addon issue.

    Deleted my cache,wtf and interface folder and both problems is still there

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