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    Addon suggestions

    first of all, sorry for all mistakes you will find in this post. im not used to write in english..

    i need some addon suggestions for various tasks. i've tried out alot of different addons for those tasks, but never the right one. it wasnt either working at all, not customizable to my needs, or something else just didnt do it for me. keep this is mind when you want to post something like "omg nub, look on curse yourself".
    so instead of just randomly downloading addons, i ask you for your experiences. feel free to post links to images where i can see those addons in action, but im happy about any feedback and advice you can give me!

    1. buffs gains.
    for example as a mage, you sometimes get a clearcast or a instant pyro. i need an addon that keeps track of these buff gains, and points them out without looking at the buffbar. something like an icon that shows up as soon as you get one of these "buff gains". would be nice if its something highly customizable, so i can design it to my needs, and more importantly that only things i really need to see pop up.

    2. cooldowns
    an addon that keeps track of your cooldows. something like a bar that counts the remaining time untill that ability can be used again.

    3. debuffs
    something that helps me keep my debuffs on the target. maybe also a bar that shows me how long a debuff will remain active on my target, so i know exactly when i have to reapply it.

    tanks for your help!

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    Re: Addon suggestions

    2. once i had an addon called "cooldown". it was a bar where u could see every cooldown of an ability u used recently. but dunno if there is a working version of this addon.

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    Re: Addon suggestions

    1. DoTimer
    2. DoTimer
    3. DoTimer

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    Re: Addon suggestions

    Would be nice for 1. something like pulse that hows when reactive spells can be used... like instan pyro/instant heal/spells (pala/shaman)... i know there is an option for some reactive spells like overpower and so on but still...

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    Re: Addon suggestions

    ElkanoBuffBars... SCT... StunWatch... dont use em that much thou..
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    Re: Addon suggestions

    Most combat text addons can give you a warning, but an addon like PowerAura will give you a visual the whole time the buff/debuff is up. Highly configurable, just takes a few minutes to mess with.

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