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    Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    People seem to be very happy with arms and even fury in pvp at lvl 70 , I am too. Sudden death and bladestorm own and fury is not as bad as it was in pvp.But do you think the real warrior problems have been solved? Do you feel like you can do anything without a healer?Do you feel you're less cc'd?Warrior is one of the few dps that CAN'T team up with another dps , we just can't , you team up with a healer or forget about 2on2 , what do you think this means?

    I'm a beta tester and i have a premade warr lvl 80 and It's far worse than it is at 70 believe me, we have 23k hp and we die in seconds with a retri pala or a dk , a rogue stunlocks us to 30%(mutilate, and yes I have second wind and bloodcraze), enh shamans kill us in seconds too, every melee class can kill us very easily and we are plate so imagine what casters can do to us.
    Every class has new mobility,survability or escape abilities , and what do we get? nothing new to catch them, yes we received frenzied regen , 30% hp for 10 sec every 3min? plz u won't survive 10 sec against any class. Blizzard hasn't made us less reliant on "pocket healers" ...

    The new pvp spec? prot ... I can win 1on1's against every class except dk , and I do the same damage as arms, shield slam > ms in damage. Mobility is great with prot , we can't be kited , we have 3 stuns , 2 silences , intercept,charge and intervene remove movement impairing ... we just lack a healing debuff , give a healing debuff to prot warriors and i'll be happy , or maybe fix arms/fury in pvp at lvl 80 giving us some mobility, survability...

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    I disagree with the healing debuff. If you wanted that, should play arms or fury for it. Protection's PRIMARY mission is to tank. Dont get me wrong, we have tons of pvp viable abilities, and we get more stuns then the other class. We can even use Shield wall to aid us (The others can to, but hardly see a fury/arms warrior with a shield) We make up for the lack of MS effect due to the stuns/silences/ CC removal effects we get. The other trees dont get that, so they make up for it with a type of healing and MS effect, we dont need that cause we take far less damage as well as silencing/stunlocking the other player.

    Sorry to say, we dont need MS effect, at that point we become as greedy as the retadins (bad ones that bitch about their not being able to 3-4 shot people)

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    M8 this is the fate of a warrior never too be good in pvp as he is stand alone face it and move forward.
    For the Greater Good.

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    my point was that prot is better than the other specs right now at 80.Warriors have never been good enough alone , we always need a healer , i agreen with that , the point is at 80 not even with a healer we're good . In a 2on2 for example warriors are cc'd all the time BUT in the live server when we get out of cc and we reach the target we give a burst that no other class can give , at 80 we give no burst and a retri pala (a class that is almost imune to movement impairing and snares with freedom and cleanse) does much more than us. I'm using retri pala as an example , almost every class has more burst than an arms/fury warrior at 80

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    I can only see holy paladins with prot warriors in a 2v2 environment for the sheer outlast possibilities. Both are high HP, high AC and can survive bursts but they do not have much in the way of offensive DPS.

    I was messing around with prot the other day and I figured with the appropriate gear/glyphs/talents, you can harang enemy players rather effectively.

    I was SS'ing heals off of druids, their roots barely lasted on me thanks to toughness or with a shield I can avoid it altogether because when a druid puts grasp on themselves, I can simply SR without delay.

    Ret paladins, I found that you will need top gear to avoid this craptastic class for the time being but you NEED to spell reflect the moment you engage these guys and DISARM them immediately.

    Why? Well, stuns give you 0 chance to avoid damage from their melee hits and disarming them annoys them to hell.

    Mages, you can SS their buffs off, except their armour and even if they do spell steal your magic buffs, for example, BOF, you can slam it off them and keep him slowed.

    Rogues will require deep wounds, PH and a weapon chain plus plenty of expertise and block rating. You do not want chain dodges from rogues, expertise will negate this to a nice degree.

    The key to PVP prot is mobility, outlasting your enemy and harassing them.

    Plus a paladin with skills.

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    Prot works pretty well for me in PvP

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80


    It has always been like that, u need to be patient , and if you want burst with blue gear pick mage or rogue. Some classes are about outlasting, others are better nukers over a short period of time. What's so hard to understand ? And what's cooler then a wuriah with 2 healers behind him raping a whole BG ? )

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    to be perfectly honest the prot tree dosnt lock bad..
    but for pvp u will need ressilenece...
    and wot def gear got ressilence.. not manny pises as iwe seen :S
    im not addicted, i yust have to log on >_< :P

    OH!!! gues wot, not all are from a english talking nor writing country! LIVE WIHT IT!!!

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    prot warrior / rogue 2v2 anyone? u dont need healing debuff if u gotta rogues poisons
    <img src=http://a405.g.akamai.net/f/405/11649/1h/pepsicoinc.download.akamai.com/11649/sites/game_fuel/downloads/faction_flags/banner_mtn_dew_game_fuel_alliance_43.jpg>

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    all i know is that with the new patch i cant kill more than 1 target in BGs without a healer, and i had a holy paladin and went ret with my healing gear and pikced up the HH helm with the Jin'rohkand um wtf ppl getting pwnt left and right. what is this fagotry

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    Re: Pvp Warrior lvl 80

    also as prot i am ussually second on the DPS chart, rogue of corse is on top

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