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    Enchant ring: Striking

    Enchant ring: Striking (+2 Wpn dmg)

    This would be question for all Enchanters who have the skill and use physical damage. (bought from the ethereal repair guy in Karazhan)

    I got a rogue with the enchanting skill and have the +4 all stats for rings too. Basically I'd like to know is the +2 wpn dmg any better or any good at all? As Rogue we I get plenty of bonuses from +4 AS too (agi, str = ap / crit).
    The thing is thought of is that if it gives +2 wpn dmg like the permanent enchant so it should be a decent improvement, but I don't really know how it works.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Enchant ring: Striking

    This is a direct quote from Ivellis on the wowhead comments of the enchant:

    The damage per second (DPS) this adds to a weapon is the 2 damage divided by the weapon speed of your weapon. It normally takes 14 attack power (AP) to add 1 DPS to your weapon.

    To calculate the attack AP this enchant is worth, take the 2 weapon damage, divide it by the weapon speed of your weapon, and multiply it by 14.

    1.0 speed (cat druid): 2 / 1.0 * 14 = 28 AP
    1.6 speed (tank weapon): 2 / 1.6 * 14 = 17.5 AP
    1.8 speed (dagger rogue): 2 / 1.8 * 14 = 15.56 AP
    2.5 speed (bear druid): 2 / 2.5 * 14 = 11.2 AP
    2.6 speed (sinister strike rogue): 2 / 2.6 * 14 = 10.77 AP
    3.6 speed (mortal strike warrior): 2 / 3.6 * 14 = 7.77 AP

    On two rings this can offer a significant boost that no non-enchanters can obtain. However in many cases it is not quite as good as actual attack power, strength or agility. Any special abilities or buffs that depend on attack power or stats do not benefit from it (bloodthirst, shamanistic rage, unleashed rage, blessing of kings, heart of the wild, vitality, and many more.)
    It's really only worth it for daggers. Mainhand weapons from fists, swords and maces are just too slow to benefit much from the enchant, and would be better suited with +4 to stats.
    Mutilate, for the thinking rogue.

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    Re: Enchant ring: Striking

    OH thx a lot. Helped a lot of figuring out what to do

    gonna stick to +4 AS since im combat fists atm

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