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    Blizzard in facts hates priests... they are constantly rebalancing and building everyone's class and giving them new gimmicks...

    We get... a reactive lay on hands... a shadow pain suppression... a holy shock that is CHANNELED and we can't even use on ourselves...

    Aside from the fact that our new skills either derive from other classes or our OWN classes skills... we still have gimped damage up to yinyang... AND we are basically instacast Chain Healers now...

    Tanks in PvP, Shamans in raid, and an oomkin of sorts...

    I'll let you decide... (and as they look at other classes across their board and their skills... they look at MAYBE one thing at a time...)

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    Re: Hymn of hope...

    yep, the dev's involved with priests, well...all I can say is....they were on vacation I guess. The patch after the expansion...with dual the only thing..that blizz will do that will save us priests.
    Oh well....I love my I will play the hand im given...and finish the game

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    Re: Hymn of hope...

    Quote Originally Posted by Coupage
    Absolutely useless at 70, complete waste of time, whatever spec you are. Great idea, but fell short, way short.
    Still convinced Blizz hates Priests... ???
    its pretty nice at level 80, although sometimes you cancel the last few tics. beta is now down, last raid i had 25k mana, hymm was very usefull, i also found my self ending up with a paladin and some mages in my group and try to use it for their benifit as well - its kinda fun, although i hated it at start - with the pvp gear it barely gave 3k mana, but now with my pve gear, and my huge mana pool, its definatly "worth" the 8 secs you put into it (and i really like the grafics).

    atm, on live, my priest recieved a nice amount of mana, with my regen i managed to gain almost 4k mana, which is decent (my gear is mostly from sw, i have afew BT loots, 12.5 k mana pool in raids, 1007/475 in raids w/o DS), ofc atm there isn't a need or time to use it (nerf and all), but can't wait for next week, level 80 and to get proper pve gear that effect hymm of hope.

    i must say: priest scale very well with gear, most of our spells scale with gear. i remember my greater heal doing 3k heals, i chose to downrank flash back then when i just got to level 70 and my gear was crap, but with the epics, my greater heal "grew" to higher heals, allowing me to downrank it and use it more often, over the flash heal i un-willingly downranked due to mana problems and me needing to imitate a paladin without the gear or group to support me (i never got a shadowpriest or a resto shaman, inervates was also rare). Hymm of hope is just the same, the better gear the more you "feel" it.

    i don't think its worth casting as shadow, swaping out of shadow form and back in will not make it that "worthy", not talking about the loss time to DpS - although there are times you can do it as shadow, but still swaping out of form for it is abit meh. though i don't think it should be changed, no specific reason (i agree its not fair to the shadowpriest pvp wise, but still don't think it should change).

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    Re: Hymn of hope...

    The best thing Ive read about this spell is that the spell is really called

    Hymn of Hope the Tank Doesn't Die While I Channel

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    Re: Hymn of hope...

    I o not believe this spell is as useless as most are claiming. Infact i think its good. Would not be OP if it gave the caster some extra mana tho, but yea its a decent chunk of mana in a 5 manauser group. Just as a waterelemental might give you a tiny bit of mana but it all adds up.

    I have one question about the hymn tho. Does the channelers 5sr start to countdown when the channeling stops or when you cast the spell (initiates it).

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    Re: Hymn of hope...

    Oo5sr mana regeneration works when channeling spells with no mana cost, such as Hymn of Hope.
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