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    new 3.0 rotation?

    my friend just started playing and is starting to raid with my guild in lower zones, i want to help him with rotations but since 3.0 i dont know what it is anymore

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    Re: new 3.0 rotation?

    Keeping Dots up and Use ur other Spells every Cool Down,, between CD's use Mind Flay... its the same as always...wont change...though u wont cast SW anymore.

    SW:P is atm buggy so u need to cast it when u have 5 stacks of shadowweaving. Mind Flay refresh doesnt work with it ;(

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    Re: new 3.0 rotation?

    a) What part of "shadowpriests do not have a rotation, but a spell prioritizing" did you miss ?

    b) Read the other thread *sigh*

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    Re: new 3.0 rotation?

    what i personally do as a SP dps in SWP:

    - Vampiric Embrace
    - Vampiric Touch
    - Mind Blast
    - Shadow Word: Death
    - Mind Flay

    ((( You now have 5 stacks of Shadow weaving build up on yourself )))

    I highly recommend using your (best) spellpower increasing trinket if you havent made a macro for it combining it with a spell. Personally i made a macro to combine it with Mind Blast, so mine is still running when i apply my 2 dots below.

    - Shadow Word: Pain (as long as i keep refreshing it with mindflay it will get the 5 shd weaving bonus as well as the spellpower from the trinket during the entire fight !!!)
    - Devouring Plague

    At this point just keep Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague up at all times. And make sure to use Mind Blast every cooldown as well.

    Now you have 2 options:

    1) You use Mind Flay in the remaining gaps, when your dots are up and Mind Blast is on Cooldown.
    2) You use Shadow Word: Death in your rotation as well and then use Mind flay to fill the gaps.

    At the moment I am defo using Shadow Word: Death in my rotation seeing an instant 5K dmg blast on a target is just awesome ^^.
    But do not forget this totally depends on the fight as well. For example do not use it on Reliquary of Souls in Black Temple and I am not using it on felmyst either in Sunwell Platuea just to name 2 fights.

    I hope this helped you out.

    You can always contact me in-game as well.
    Anglarana, Shadow Priest in Legion, Hellscream. (Alliance)

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    Re: new 3.0 rotation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lostprophet
    SW:P is atm buggy so u need to cast it when u have 5 stacks of shadowweaving. Mind Flay refresh doesnt work with it ;(
    Its not so much buggy as the mechanic has changed significantly.

    The only way to increase periodic damage on a mob during its duration is to debuff the mob. Prior to 3.0 Shadow Weaving was a debuff so that as it was applied SW: Pain, Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague (for the undead) ticked for progressively more damage.

    Now that Shadow Weaving is a self buff your dots will only tick for their maximum amount when applied will all 5 buffs active on yourself. This holds the same for any "on use" or proc items, think Scale of Sands Ring, or HSH. Since MF refreshes just the duration of SW: Pain and doesn't count as a recast; if never reapplied, it will only tick for the initial application damage.

    Personally I found it best to apply SW: Pain at the start like you normally would, but then reapply once your buffs are at their peak. Five stacks of Shadow Weaving, a full 10 on the DMC: Crusade, and a proc'd or popped trinket, then reapply SW: Pain, you might lose 3 sec of damage from it, but it will tick for a lot more.
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    Now this is just blatant trolling, at least before you had the credibility of maybe being stupid.
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    Re: new 3.0 rotation?

    There is 0 point to casting SW:P at the start and recasting it.

    1. For 1.5 sec I guarantee that a MB or SW will do more damage than the few ticks you'll get from SW:P before you get 5 stacks of shadow weaving. Lets assume your SW:P ticks for 800 damage (which it wont to start with anyways) it would take about 3-4 ticks (9 to 12 sec) to do the same damage as MB/SW... there is no way you need to wait 9 to 12 sec to recast SW:P... just wait

    2. It's a waste of mana, SW:P is a decently expensive spell and casting it twice is not using your mana pool very well.

    I've taken to the following early rotation:

    VE (if req)

    My reasonining:

    Sure my VT dot doesn't get the 5 stacks of shadowweaving, however it's only a 15 sec dot, it's not as powerful as SW:P and by having VT up early I can get replenishment on the group/raid almost immediately. VT is going to have to be recast so I just live with the fact the first VT isn't that powerful, it shouldn't affect DPS that much.

    Casting MB, SW & MF next gives me 5 opportunties to crit and thus proc imp spirit tap, this will increase my spellpower to the highest possible amount for the encounter i'm doing just in time for me to cast my 2 other dots, one of which will be refreshed for the entire encounter. Keep in mind I trinket just b4 my VT and the trinket effect will still be going by the time I cast my dots.

    SW:P & DP get applied to the boss with 5 stacks of shadowweaving, under the benefits of my trinket and hopefully under the benefits of imp spirit tap (which happens a decent amount of time and when i gear for crit in WotLK it will happen more often than not). Its far more important that these dots get your max damage benefits because they are the longest duration dots you have.

    From there you just go with your spell priority, we dont actually have a rotation... it all depends when dots are expiring, whats on CD and whats about to come off CD. Now that VT mana return is not linked to damage I don't believe your dots should take priority over MB, so I would be using the priority MB, VT, DP, MF... You can throw in SW in between MB & VT if you like but by all accounts SW is such a little dps upgrade that its not worth the backlash... I am currently using it because the backlash is irrelevant atm, but at 80 it might sting a bit more as our damage increases. There is some thoughts MF is going to be just as good if not better anyways.

    VT first followed by MB, SW & MF, then I apply SW:P & DP. sure VT gets nearly 0 benefit from shadowweaving, however its only a 15sec dot, its cheap, I will have to recast anyways, getting it on early ensures I get replensihment going the moment I cast MB. By casting MB, SW & MF next you give yourself 5 chances to crit so you can proc imp spirit tap and thus increase your spirit by 20%, 10% of which will add to your spellpower. This is the perfect time to apply SW:P because this is the most spellpower you are going to have during the encounter and SW:P will tick for its max possible amount for t

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    Re: new 3.0 rotation?

    Seriously people, we allready got another topic about it. Stop repeating yourself.

    And I won't repeat anything to point out what may be wrong with the above posts here.

    Just read/post in the other topic instead.

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    Re: new 3.0 rotation?

    so nothing has changed since pre 3.0 on rotations? well thats easy to tell him what to do then

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