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    Chat box

    So I'm just getting into making my new UI since 3.0 and I've never actually done everything myself until now(just used others, mostly CaithUI). So things are going well I've just got one question:

    Says it in the screenshot, but how do I move that chat box to the top and scroll the chat tab with my mouse wheel? What addon is that?

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    Re: Chat box

    You can move the chat box just by right clicking the "general" tab and unlocking it.

    CTMod core lets you turn on mouse scroll.

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    Re: Chat box

    no no, I don't want to move the chat box, just the place where you type in your message

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    Re: Chat box

    CTMod core does that as well.

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    Re: Chat box

    There's got to be another mod other than that, I've never been a fan of CTMOd personally.

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    Re: Chat box

    Try Chatter or Prat

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    Re: Chat box

    i think minimalist can move the enter text thing too...

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    Re: Chat box

    Prat is your friend ; )

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    Re: Chat box

    Quote Originally Posted by ciola
    Try Chatter or Prat
    Prat is exactly what I was looking for, Thanks for your help.

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