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    Re: Inscription as a viable profession?

    They did not remove shoulder enchants, and scribes do not get an extra glyph. the extra glyph thing was never mentioned as far as I know. The rare Northrend ink and certain Northrend herbs sell for pretty good money on my server, plus you can make the new Darkmoon cards. Nobles cards range from 850-1500g a pop on the AH, plus you can try to make the set for yourself and get a really nice trinket. This is the only way to get the new cards so cornered market ftw. The scribe only shoulder enchants are at least as good if not better then the Sons of Hodir exalted shoulders, if I remember correctly (and I may not have). If you add in the fact that it and its companion gathering profession are mindlessly easy and cheap (since you farm your own herbs) to level, I'd say its a decent profession.

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    Re: Inscription as a viable profession?

    i make great money off inscription. I sell the darkmoon cards of course, but i also sell vellum. In about 4 hours of farming herbs i can pump out about 6 cards and 180 vellum. i sell em for 10g each and usually sell all within two days. brought in 6k in 3 days doing that. I make jack shit off glyphs so i stopped making em unless asked by a guildie

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    Re: Inscription as a viable profession?

    Before WotLK I was selling Darkmoon Decks...Now I sell Minor Gylphs...You have to wait until the AH is running low, or you will get 12 people under post you by one gold each...But if you do it right you can make some good fast gold, just need to pay attention to AH!!!

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