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    ..is this the magic pill ?

    Sooo... GC had this to say yesterday

    VT does a lot of damage, but that's the juice we gave Shadow to be able to compete on the damage meters. We don't think it's a problem, at least for now.

    I want to know, after seeing a few of the posted WWS reports, is this our smoking gun? ???

    We've seen a couple nice a couple nice glyph changes, and a combination of things added to Shadow form. Now they haven't said they were done, I'm not saying that.

    Yes, 2.1-2.5k VT ticks looks very promising. However is fixing a single dot, going to help us scale better ? Its a huge boots the 41 point talent granted.

    I just don't know if it is enough.
    Thoughts ? Comments ?

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    Re: ..is this the magic pill ?

    Majority of priests still haven't tried the beta or new encounters with new talents / changes so it is early to say what's going on with Spriest. We received quite a large boost to our dots (scaling with crit, increased coefficients) and a large boost to Mind Flay but I do believe, if we will still do subpar damage - we will get boosted. I am just puzzled by boomkins at this point. Their utility rivals ours during the TBC, but they deal shitload of damage on top of that. I really wouldn't bring a shadow priest unless we dealt at least 5% more damage than a boomkin or if our utility was returned in the form of returning mana as a percentage of our DPS.

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    Re: ..is this the magic pill ?

    ON PTR - which has all the buffs, My shadow priest is doing over 1300DPS totally unbuffed. That is an absolutely MASSIVE boost, and I am not even geared with enough crit to be good.

    We are scaling well, and theorycraft as one of the stronger DPS.

    Do not worry, we are looking strong.

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    Re: ..is this the magic pill ?

    We're looking good compared to the casters. Compared to melee, I'm not sure.

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