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    Re: Holy Priest Vs other healing class's

    Quote Originally Posted by jjthorne
    right first off, i did not post this as a compertition

    but when i am in full Epics, and the druid is in a mixture of green's and blue's with the 1 or 2 Epic pieces and he is doing more healing then i am, that is what is puyyling me
    This is your problem. You are dicking round looking at other peoples gear, worrying about what they are doing. Stop it. Do YOUR job.

    Are you healing a tank? If he dies you failed.
    Are you healing the raid? If they die you failed.
    Did you run out of Mana? You failed.

    Your job is to keep people alive. Don't give me BS about how they didn't move and they stood in the fire, how the DPS didn't get teh adds fast enough.


    Do your job better. Target teh damaged guy faster. Press your buttons faster. Time your heals better. Cut down your Overheals more. And if someone is taking too much damage yell at them.

    If you do your job better you will kill more bosses. If you look at the meters and worry about other peoples gear all you do is spam more and be less efficient.

    Healing is easy. Making sure people don't die or drain your mana is harder. And at teh moment there are no bad healers. But as usual there are bad players

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    Re: Holy Priest Vs other healing class's

    from what i can see, disc priest are single / survival type priest's whom supports single targets cos of grace / POW-haste buff and also the over whelming mana regen compared to the other two trees. tbh my T5 disc priest raid healing can last a whle kael thas fight, using only the shadow fiend as a substitute for potting. In pvp gear capping 445 resil vs 370ish resil rogue. POW took 4eva to take down all i had to do was place a POM on myself and renew the start the dps cast dots etc. wait until he uses COS, then start kiting and place POW and renew again (priest's are one of the best pvp heals cos they can kite + heal) wait till COS fades then fear etc. just start the dps again. VERY EASY, as for stuns etc only use trinklet on kidney shot as it lasts longer and usually wen u dun have shield up. poisons? easy all u gotta use is an antidote and bam ur running again - thats if u do first aid.

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    Re: Holy Priest Vs other healing class's

    i normaly play prot pally, i aint played my priest for atleast 2 months, joined BT pug last night my priests in s1/kara items.

    i topped healing in BT by 5% above the next person(over 20% total healing done), with 90% of my healing done by circle of healing. up to first 2 bosses i was bottom of overheal also at which point i gave up thinking and just spammed COH without caring

    admittedly priests are now dont have to think about healing just COH spam heal class but certainly not as bad off as holy paladins

    there was a holy paladin with 1800+ spellpower and my priest had less than 800 SP the poor paladin couldn't even enter the healing meters it was ridiculous!

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    Re: Holy Priest Vs other healing class's

    to answer the op its kara tbh u should have been smiting rather than healing if ur tank was in great gear and just healing when needed

    to the whole how good can a priest heal since patch,well in swp ive been untouchable for 2 weeks doing crazy amounts of healing on trash (although it doesnt really count ) upwards of +3000 hps.on bosses like muru and kj i was upwards of 1800 hps.

    we are the new raid healer no doubt about it,managing ur mana is a little trickier but def doable.i mainly send out pom a couple of coh then use my free fh.being a priest now is awsome

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    Re: Holy Priest Vs other healing class's

    a druid in mostly blues in pug za out healed me by 10k only : /

    i'm full epics though.

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    Re: Holy Priest Vs other healing class's

    I'm finding that now, at 70, mana is a huge issue. My mana pool seems to be depleted. However, Renew is ticking for the same amount and my Greater Heals don't seem to have suffered much. If anything, I crit a little more than I did before respeccing.

    It is very important to remember that everyone has been tweaked to play at level 80. Get there, get some gear and then compare healing abilities and roles.


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    Re: Holy Priest Vs other healing class's

    Quote Originally Posted by mutantboy

    Your job is to keep people alive. Don't give me BS about how they didn't move and they stood in the fire, how the DPS didn't get teh adds fast enough.
    MY job is keep people alive.
    Dps job is dps the boss AND avoid damage. If they stand in fire, they will probably die and cause wipes. If they don't CC fast enough, I will die from healing aggro.

    It's easy to blame healers for someone's death but the real cause is often not the lack of healing but something else easily avoidable.

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    Re: Holy Priest Vs other healing class's

    Quote Originally Posted by jjthorne
    I have a fully epic geared holy specced Level 70 priest and the other day i went into Kara with a PUG group where the warrior tank was doing most of the damage, yes you can see how messed up it was. but the druid that was with me had 2 or 3 piece's of epic gear the rest where blue's and greens and he was doing more healing then me.
    Sounds to me that the tank knew how to tank and with 3.02 buffing AoE tank threat he was tanking all the trash and probably doing it easy. This would result in the tank being the only raid member who was taking raid damage in a majority of cases. If this was the case and the 9 other raid members were taking very little raid damage then you're going to find a class (like druids) who are based around single target HPS are going to outheal you. Fast ticking hots are going to make most priest heals uneffective healing and if there is little raid damage to heal then you're gonna look poor on the meters.

    But if anyone meters exclusively to measure healers effectiveness they really don't understand healing. If your raid suffers 0 tank deaths the healers are more than likely doing their job irrespective of how healing meters look.

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    Re: Holy Priest Vs other healing class's

    alright cheers for the post's, it was mainly in the raid the MT was posting up the charts on from recount as how much people had down and one of them was the healing done, and that is what started me thinking about this, but as a few people has said now, the druids are more off a tank healer compared to the Holy priest, and i can see why now. i just wanted to know if blizz had screweed up like they have makingthe Retry paladin's such strong DPS's had they done the same with druid healer's.

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