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    Beta: Level 80 Shadowpriest PVP experience?


    I have been playing and raiding with my lovely priestess all though vanilla WoW, most of the time as a shadowpriest. I really enjoyed PVP at level 60. With BC I switched main to my farming toon, a rogue. Which rocked in PVP too because he had so many options.

    While my rogue is still my main I really, really want to go back to the priestess, who has more than 1 spec and is able to do different things. But right now at level 70 shadowspec sucks for PVP. Though I don't have good equip on her, I don't think that is the only problem

    Do beta testers here have any experience if shadow is any good at PVP at level 80? Does the added burst and dot-damage through crit help?
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    Re: Beta: Level 80 Shadowpriest PVP experience?

    I've been playing a priest since raiding MC/BWL... moved to pve shadow @ BC release. During vanilla WoW I got to Rank 11 in the old school PVP system (RIP). I'm by no means "the best" pvp priest by any regards. I've been on 2100 rated 4dps teams as shadow in S2 & S3. And I love BGs. Also, I currently have better then "ok" PVP gear... http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...+Nether&n=ijin (Just showing I've been around the block some, in regards to PVP for the original poster.)

    I got into Beta about a month ago. Made a lvl 80 priest, and I'm not impressed. Which is to say... we have the same issues as before in regards to mobility. We still get focused first. We still have mana issues. However this time pallies, warriors, mages, etc have more spells/abilities while we are still stuck with the same bag of tricks. And rogues... yeah, same old thing there. We just crit more often and hit harder then before which is a step in the right direction. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my priest despite this, I see it as a challenge. =)

    On a side note, I also made a lvl 80 DK. Wow, so much fun. I'm 99% sure I'll be rolling with a DK in BGs/Arenas, even though there are kite/mobility issues as well. And level my spriest up for fun, eventually.

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    Re: Beta: Level 80 Shadowpriest PVP experience?

    Honestly, PvP testing on the beta server been impossible, atleast on the EU servers. It would give no realistic idea at all.
    Also most experience is done in the blue PvP gear, which gives a disadvantage to clothies.

    It's to early to judge. But the issues that ijin mentioned are pretty much real, so I'm going with Disciplin as soon as Blizzard implements Duo Talent Builds (I guess January/Feburary).

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    Re: Beta: Level 80 Shadowpriest PVP experience?

    I almost have full hateful set of pvp gear, and i reached 1700 or so rating as disc until my partner ended up never logging on. So i decided to join another 2v2 team as shadow. We did 7 games and lost 6 of them. Shadow is terrible for pvp at 80. Doesn't matter what gear you have, you'll just fail big time. Our CC is too easy to break and our survivalbility is horrible.

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    Re: Beta: Level 80 Shadowpriest PVP experience?

    I have been a priest since Vanilla wow and I have enjoyed our role as shadow priests for quite some time now. But in beta you wont see a lot of shadow priests because u get steam rolled almost constantly. Most of the pvp in beta is yes in blue gear, but most of the other players are also in the same gear. We just dont have the viability in pvp as we did earlier in vanilla wow or even TBC. I rolled disc though, and disc is a world of difference in pvp. So in the end i feel that blizz kinda dropped the ball on shadow pvp.

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