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    Improved Prayer of Spirit

    First off - Hello everyone! Typical long time lurker, first time poster here. Blah blah, nice to meet you, etc.

    Anyway, I have a question that hopefully someone will be able to help me with -

    Prayer of Spirit: Will no longer stack with other raid spell power buffs.
    How much, exactly, is this going to effect the talent, from a purely raiding perspective? I'm not sure exactly what other buffs it would conflict with first off, but if you have a well mixed up raid group, would the 2 points be better spent elsewhere? Or is it safe to assume since it's only 2 points and always having the guaranteed extra spellpower in your pocket is a good enough thing to keep it around?

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Re: Improved Prayer of Spirit

    Raid buffs/debuffs were overhauled to prevent the need of raid stacking, or having to tightly control your class balance for raid composition. Imp DS provides both a nominal spirit & spellpower buff, the spirit component can be provided by fel inteligence and the spellpower component can come from shammy totems (i probably forgot a few other sources).

    So I suspect there was a bug that was causing our buff to stack with other classes buffs (which wasn't supposed to occur). So there is no real change or effect, merely a fix to get it working the way it should.

    I kind of feel the disc tree (as well as the holy tree) are very bloated and I suspect most disc priests will choose to forgo imp DS and get the spellpower buff from another source in your raid. This will obviously change from guild to guild depending on how they decide to get their buffs. There has been some talk about overhauling the disc and holy tree by the developers, so it all may change yet.

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    Re: Improved Prayer of Spirit

    I understand the overhaul on raid buffs, what I was getting at more is, as I'm not so brushed up on who does what buffs these days, the question should more have been - are we going to be the ones expected to provide the raid's spellpower buff, or is that a task better left to some other class, since their buff is more powerful / easier to apply to the raid / baseline?

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    Re: Improved Prayer of Spirit

    It's going to depend on your raid composition... firstly is your raid going to take a disc priest? I'll make the assumption they will (but I suspect a lot of raids won't at first), in which case it will come down to whether you have a shammy in the raid with imp totems that is going to drop the Imp DS equivalent. If that is the case I suspect disc priests will push for them to save 2 points in Imp DS to spend elsewhere as the tree is very bloated and saving those 2 talent points will help them get other talents they wouldn't be able to afford.

    In all honnesty I haven't studied the shaman trees but I get the feeling they are able to invest heavily into a single tree where disc priests want to spend a significant amount of points in the holy tree in addition to the 57+ points in disc.

    For that reason i'd suggest you'll see a few disc priests not taking imp ds but that's contingent on their specific raid needs.

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