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    A question about skilling proffessions

    Hi, i was thinking to roll a Dk and i was wondering to myself if the professions in WOTLk will be so hard to skill too, there will be some easy ghatering mats to skill 1-375, or it will be like TBC?
    I hope you will answer me, and thx for the attention bye!

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    Re: A question about skilling proffessions

    As a DK you will start with 0 in every tradeskill (except First Aid).

    If you pick up a gathering skill prepare to rush in lowbe areas to skill up.
    No other way to raise them - only mining could be raised with bought mats smelting (you can search with google guides about it).

    For crafting professions, if you have enough golds you can skillup with AH bought mats almost without problems (except the mats cost).

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    Re: A question about skilling proffessions

    Thaks for the answer, it is like i was thinking, anyways thx!

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