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    Nameplate visibility range?

    Hey guys. Anybody know how to increase range at which you see nameplates?

    In this video http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=93885 mage can see nameplates right after arena doors open. How can i get this? ??? I tried to google it but couldn't find an answer. I use Aloft but it doesn't have anything to increase range.

    I remember long time ago i changed setting for max pickdistance but don't know if that even exists today...

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    Re: Nameplate visibility range?

    Just default nameplates show up across the arena for me.

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    Re: Nameplate visibility range?

    Really? That's weird. I need to be within ~30 yards from target to see nameplates and arena doors are 80-100 yards apart from each other?

    It gives a huge advantage to see nameplates from far away, see who is hiding behind pillar, etc.

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    Re: Nameplate visibility range?

    think they added that in 3.0.2 only for arena

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